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Sunlight is essential for our health. It is also required by animals and plants. The most significant advantage of sunlight is its energy. It is captured in solar panels and can be utilized as required. Solar rooftops are solar panels which help to capture solar energy. These solar panels can be installed on the roofs of commercial, residential or institutional buildings. The best part is that they can be installed on any type of roof with sufficient load bearing capacity. They capture the energy emitted by the sun and transform it into electrical energy. It is a renewable energy source, reduces electricity bills and the cost of maintenance of solar panels is low.


Our products, born from in-house R&D, offer the perfect balance between state-of-the-art technology and value for money.

The company specializes in the latest-technology engineering, as well as mechanical and microprocessor technology products designed and rigorously tested for safety, comfort, efficiency and reliability.

The vision at Sneha Elevators LLP revolves around very basic principle of strong sales and after service support to keep the customers satisfied We are strongly committed to long term, mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, built upon personal integrity and product and service excellence.

We will achieve this through understanding customer’s need while meeting the aspiration of our people We are well established in AP and Telangana, the commercial capital of India. Our clientele include leading Builders, Developers and Corporates spread all over India.

Our Products are cater to Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Hospital Needs. Our products are designed to offer superior performance under a wide range of environmental conditions in India, keeping in mind harsh climates, uncertain power supply and specific applications.

Sneha Elev8r

Sneha Elevators LLP is part of a diversified Sneha group and the elevators are named under the brand name "SNEHA ELEV8R". The group is one of the leading providers of vertical transport solution and is active in the areas of production, installation, maintenance and modernization of Elevator.


Plot No. 104, Road No. 13A Banjara Hills, Hyderabad- 500034. Telangana State, India.


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